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Charcot-Marie-Tooth - THE biggest disease no-one has ever hear of.


CMT_Canada (CMTCAN) is a new Facebook Group dedicated to researching and providing resource information for Canadians with CMT, by Canadians with CMT.  


Our goal is to collect and share Canadian based information on CMT using the facebook group and other social media. 


Information including: 

medical, health and wellness professionals across Canada who understand CMT and its pathology; support groups; genetic testing information; Canadian-based research and more. 


  Help us find the 14,000 Canadians with CMT, eh!


Through the magic of social media and YOUR social network CMTCAN wants to find the 14,000 Canadians with CMT - ones who know they have it, and the ones who don't.



We want you to use your well-developed 'social' skills to:

Like, Comment, Share, Tweet, Follow, Pin, Post

or whatever Google+ people do 



Find the 14,000 Canadians, eh!  - spread the word that brought you here!


What is Charcot-Marie-Tooth?

CMT is the #1 inherited peripheral neuropathy, affecting 2.8 million people worldwide. This includes approximately 14,000 Canadians. Peripheral neuropathy affects more than feet and hands. As nerve endings deteriorate they can’t ‘talk’ to your muscles, so your muscles atrophy and eventually paralyze. Muscles are everywhere in the body, including your diaphragm, esophagus and voice box. So, CMT can result in difficulty breathing, swallowing, and speaking... to name only a few of the related effects.

Facebook Group: CMT Canada
Website: Calgary Neuropathy Association
Facebook: Calgary Neuropathy Association
Facebook Group: Calgary Neuropathy Group
Twitter:  CalgNeuropathy
Instagram: CalgaryNeuropathy

You may have CMT if you experience:

- Nerve pain(shooting, tingling, burning)

- Balance issues(frequent falls or sprains)

- Foot pain

- Hip pain, neck pain

- Chronically tight, sore muscles

- Frequently cold hands and feet


To learn more about these and other  symptoms; or, if you or someone you know experiences a combination of these symptoms read more.



For additional sources of information on CMT read more. 




Always talk to your doctor about concerns you may have.



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